Course description

The Onboard Medical Emergencies course is for all health professionals
interested in the subject of aviation medicine or inflight emergencies.
Participants come from a wide range of medical backgrounds,
including family and emergency physicians, occupational health,
nursing and professionals who work in the aeromedical/travel medicine domain.

This course consists of:

Altitude physiology in the aviation environment

Epidemiology of medical emergencies in flight

Which passenger is "Fit to Fly"

Medical equipment onboard aircraft:

Emergency Medical Kit (EMK)

Safety on board

Cabin crew—their roles and first aid training

Medicolegal implications of helping onboard

Management of common emergencies in flight

Role play in simulator:
– Aircraft evacuation
– Smoke in cabin
– CPR/ALS: where to do it?
– Emergency oxygen

Part of the McGill University Health Center’s A Practical Course in Emergency Medicine.

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